In his 90-minute speech at Gandhi Maidan in Patna Narendra Modi fired several punches against friend-turned-foe Nitish Kumar.
Amidst serial balsts in the city Modi threw scores of political bouncers to all those who concerned with his politics.


Narendra Modi tried to convince how he too connected to Bihar:“The descendants of Krishna’s Yaduvansh should not worry, I am here to take care of them. Krishna had gone to Dwarka from Mathura; I have come from Dwarka to take care of you, have no worries.”


"Stop this dynastic politics and you will not be called Shahzaada.”
Narendra Modi
Throughout his speech Modi appeared focused to hit Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. Everytime he addressed him as his friend - but - with a taunting smile.
"Bihar is the land that has given birth to the bravest soldiers. When soldiers from Bihar were killed by Pakistan, then a minister of Nitish Kumar said people join the army to become martyr. Such leaders and parties who humiliate our soldiers should be thrown out of power. Both India and Bihar needs a change of government,"
“Our friend (Nitish) was told by his counsellors to talk to the Congress. That will ensure prime ministership. He has not betrayed the BJP alone, he has backstabbed the people of Bihar. Let’s uproot these backstabbers.”
“The Chief Minister is my friend. People ask why did he leave BJP but I say- those who left JP, what is BJP for them! Those who consider themselves disciples of Lohia have stabbed him in the back by going by trying to get close with the Congress. JP and Lohia ji will never forgive their actions.”
“I and Nitish Kumar happened to meet on the same table during a lunch hosted by the PM. He wasn't eating anything. I told him, don't worry there's no cameramen around. Please go ahead and eat. There is a limit to hypocrisy.”
- Narendra Modi, BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate


“If you feel bad on being called a Shahzaada then the nation also feels bad at your dynastic politics. Stop this dynastic politics and you will not be called Shahzaada.”
- Narendra Modi, BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate
While scruitinising Modi's Gandhi Maidan speech - it seems the rally was more than an election event as he poured out his fury against his so called friend.
# This post is based on TV reports.

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