Rahul Gandhi made a shocking revealation. Congress Vice President said he had been told by an intelligence official that Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is trying to lure Muzaffarnagar riot victims.


"Let me tell you what happens in these circumstances. A day before, an intelligence office came to my office."
- Rahul Gandhi, Vice President, Congress
In his sensational statement, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the officer told him that there are 10 boys of Muzaffarnagar who have lost their family members or have suffered because of the riots. According to Rahul Gandi, the officer said, the Pakistani intelligence agency is talking to them and trying to fuel them with hatred.


"Gandhi has raised questions about the patriotism of Indian Muslims by saying they were approached by ISI. This is unfortunate. He should apologise for his remarks."
- Shahnawaz Hussain, BJP Spokesperson


In an election rally in Indore, Rahul Gandhi today described his father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as his "hero".
"Like every child, my father was my hero. When he was 40, he became the Prime Minister and during those days I have seen him struggling everyday for the people of the country."
- Rahul Gandhi, Vice President, Congress
In a previous such meeting, Rahul Gandhi discussed about the assassinations he has suffered.
"My grandmother and father were assassinated and tomorrow I also may get killed; but I just don't care."
- Rahul Gandhi, Vice President, Congress

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