India has strongly objected Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's statement on seeking US intervention in resolving the Kashmir issue.


"There is no way in which India will accept any intervention on an issue that is entirely accepted in the Simla Agreement as a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan."
- Salman Khurshid, External Affairs Minister


India has nuclear bomb, so do we; India develops missiles, so do we.
Nawaz Sharif
Referring his US visit in July 1999 amid Kargil conflict, Sharif said that he had clearly told then President Bill Clinton and asked for intervention.
"I told him if he spends 10 per cent of the time he was spending on Middle East, the Kashmir issue between the two countries would resolve."
"The situation can become dangerous. India has nuclear bomb, so do we; India develops missiles, so do we. There should be a limit to it. We all should think about it."
- Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister, Pakistan


In a report, Gulf News says: "Pakistan’s future lies in Sharif’s hands."
The report further says: "If indeed Sharif is serious about taking charge and giving a new direction to the country, he must first recognise that he needs to put his own house in order urgently."

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