SUCHITRA SEN: Train-e Boshe Chhilo Sundari Ek Mem

Station-e Saariye Chhilo Chhotto  Ekti  Train, Train-e Boshe Chhilo Sundari Ek Mem, Aami Unaake Jigyasha Korlam”
“what is your  name?” se bole - “My name is SUCHITRA SEN”
Every nuance of her performance was devastating which can never be overlooked .Needless to say about her memorable role in “Aandhee”.
It is one of the couplets which I sang in chorus with my friends. Yes, we used to hum it in fascination, though innocently. Meanwhile, I visited a movie “Bambai Ka Babu”. Anyway I bought a ticket in subsidized rate (the old movies were shown in 50%rebate in those days).Though I was in my teens in those days, but the plot of the picture mesmerized to that extent that I didn’t utter a single word throughout the show.
According to the story narrated, the lost brother of the heroine returns home and everyone is cheered in the house, but the male character denies toaccept it. In the course of time the heroine gets to know the fact. Thereafter - she was at a fix and faces a turbulent emotional blow. That is Suchitra who plays the central role so conveniently that her each and every action compels the spectators to move with her accordingly. Every nuance of her performance was devastating which can never be overlooked. Needless to say about her memorable role in “Aandhee”. The dialogue deliveries of late thespian Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen were as awesome and can never be wiped out.
In Asit Sen’s Hindi film” Khamoshi “ the role played by Waheeda  Rehman kept the audience awestruck. The film was a remake of Bangla film Deep Jwele Jaai. It is quite imagining what Suchitra Sen have done in this film. Donning in the Bangla films her contribution to the Hindi film industry can’t be counted lesser. Her impeccable performance made her claim wherever she stood . Adieu to her final abode and pray to the ALMIGHTY to grant her sole an ETERNAL PEACE.
#Ujjwal Ghosh [The author is Sr. Journalist. The views expressed are personal]


The reclusive beauty was never in the news except when she was not keeping well and was rushed to the hospital. This happened for a number of times in the last 6-7 years. But the euphoria over her death and life has been overwhelming. Was it real or was it because of her reclusiveness???? Anyways RIP Suchitra Sen and would just like to thank you for the wonderful moments you have given us which will live through, Always.


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