Bengal-er Rosogolla Modiji, not Rosgullo

One of the characteristics of the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is really remarkable. Either he attaches himself or Gujarat with any state he visits.
“Bengal-er Rosgullo (the actual pronunciation is Rosogolla), sandesh-er khoo naam”.
To project himself as the well wisher of the state he often makes silly mistakes. The Brigade Parade Ground of Kolkata witnessed the fiery speech of Modi.
Though most of the mistakes are ridiculous, some serious too. Likewise he started his speech in distorted Bangla language. Meanwhile he said that “Bengal-er Rosgullo (the actual pronunciation is Rosogolla), sandesh-er khoo naam”. On the other hand he started co-relating from Swami Vivekanand, Aurobindo Ghosh to Subhash Chandra Bose. He was so engrossed that he even told the West Bengal bigger than Gujarat.
After being declared the Prime Ministerial candidate he is engaged in canvassing the voters across the country. However, his stamina is appreciable because until now he might have addressed more than 80 rallies.
Nevertheless he delivers fiery and resonating speech; ultimately he confines himself within Gujarat. He starts taking credits for the development of Gujarat. He did this and that for the state. Recently there was a report from the state that ` 10 and ` 17 daily earning person of rural and urban areas respectively are not poor. When the central government released such statements then BJP made scathing attacks.
As the country knows that the Gujarat was the progressive state from the beginning. Despite there spectiabe NRIs of the state, several industries were established when Modi might not have been in politics. The Amul industry is running successfully from decades. At least he should not fool the people.
Apart from it, Modi criticized the Congress for not making Mr. Pranab Mukherjee the Prime Minister because of being the senior most leaders.
What would he say in this regard? Wasn’t there any senior and experienced leaders in Gujarat when he was sworn the CM of Gujarat? So, it can’t be considered that he was concerned about it. It can’t be considered more than a political gimmick.

#Ujjwal Ghosh [The author is Sr. Journalist. The views  expressed  are personal]

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