Don't Change Hindustan, Please!

Oh no! Please spare Hindustan as it is. Better if the country’s status be maintained as usual, instead of changing it. Sparing it, better if you help to improve its plight and discard the malicious environment.
In his road show to Jharkhand the Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi said: Main rajneeti aur Hindustan ko badalna chaahta hoon.
On the one hand Bharatiya Janata Party campaigner Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is criticizing Congress for not nominating the President Pranab Mukherjee the Prime Minister in the past, on the other hand Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is retorting to change the politics (rajneeti) and even India (Hindustan) in his road shows.
However, besides the central government most of the states’ achievements are being broadcasted and telecasted as well.In the campaigning of the several parties the political parties are adopting the same style in campaigning. It seems ineffective in these days.
The voters are no more novice or unaware of the existing environment, either it be social, economic or the political. The people can’t be misguided anymore. How long will the passing the resolutions and the illusive programmes work. What happened to the food security?
The time of passing this bill Congress president Sonia Gandhi ‘s  imperturbable attitude was commendable. Is the every BPL family getting sufficient food to live? Shouldn’t its implementation be supervised Pandemonium in the Parliament and shouting in front of the public are not enough now. Only passing the bills and making laws will work no more.
If the Congress claims to be DEFAULT programme (as in computer) then there are several states where the Congress is not in ruling since more than two terms. The party should consider its reason first. The reality projects the basic word default instead of its being a computer’s default programme.
#Ujjwal Ghosh [The author is Sr. Journalist. The views  expressed  are personal]

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