Narendra Modi has rejected the assumption that there could be a polarization of votes in Varanasi and other constituencies.
Meanwhile, Well known Screen Writer Salim Khan launched an Urdu website on BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Wednesday.


"I used to give vote to Congress till now but I am unhappy with them on certain issues. Today, no party is completely secular. Muslims have to now move forward & get over the riots issue. Muslims are secure under Modi's leadership. They have issues of unemployment, education & housing. I will contribute to Modi's Urdu website."
- Salim Khan, Screen Writer


"I am not going there (Varanasi) to defeat anyone, but to win hearts. Once I meet them all, they will love me."
"I have said what I had to say. Now, I am in the people's court, and I am waiting to hear from them, and their verdict."
- Narendra Modi, BJP's PM Candidate


"I was not silent, I answered every top journalist in the country from 2002-2007, but noticed there was no exercise to understand truth."
- Narendra Modi, BJP's PM Candidate

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