Quitting Aam Admi Party(AAP) , Ms Shazia Ilmi, one of the founder members and Captain GR Gopinath is quite a setback for the party.
In prior, Ruma Bhaduri  left the party alleging there is no respect for the women. Refusing to pay the bail bond Arvind Kejriwal is in judicial custody in Tihar Jail. However, the prevailing situation doesn’t seem to be sound for the party.
Though the senior party leader Yogendra Yadav claims the prohibition order was not imposed in the Kejriwal’s case. Whereas Yadav paid the bail bond of ` 5000 and was bailed out. Apart from all these
happenings, AAP is passing through a miserable plight. The question is - will the party survive or simply lose its existence?
“I am leaving AAP because of the absence of inner party democracy in a party which talks of swaraj. The party is being run by a coterie which takes impulsive decisions and we get to learn about them later.”
- Shazia Ilmi, erstwhile founder member of AAP
After the general election, Kejriwal tried to throw a tantrum once again of referendum, but the prevailing situation didn’t allow. Ultimately he apologized to the voters to go through the fresh
election. While it is assumed that the party’s winning even the minimum seats is doubtful. Kejriwal is being alleged by betrayal too from some quarters. Regarding this AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal has an uphill task to maintain the party’s existence at least for the Delhi Assembly polls. Though the woos are not going to be over soon. To sustain himself and the party Kejriwal will have to be patient and to leave behind his irrational behaviour.
While soon after Ilmi’s announcement of her resignation from, senior leader Yogendra Yadav said she will be missed and the party doors will remain open for her. Though Yadav said about Air Deccan founder Gopinath's resignation, that he was not aware when did he make an entry into the party? He said that Gopinath did not hold any party position.
"It is sad that Shazia has quit. Her absence will be felt by all of us. We hope she returns home. Shazia was asked to air her grievances at the party's national executive meeting or before the political affairs committee, but she didn't do so."
- Yogendra Yadav, Senior AAP leader
As a matter of fact, AAP has made the mockery of the voters’ mandate. The party will have to pay for that. Until and unless the party learns the political lessons, it can’t be proved to be horse of the long race. The patience, reconciliation, endurance, perseverance etc are some factors for the AAP to learn. Kajriwal has made all the practicing politicos learn new lessons - but now it's his turn.

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