Splendid. Thirty four out of forty two Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal bagged by Trinmool Congress (TMC), despite the whirlwind of Bhartiya Janata Party especially its undisputed hero Narendra Modi.
The TMC chief Mamata Banerjee has proved her audacious presence with her wits and guts.
The West Bengal chief minister has projected herself a Royal Bengal Tiger by her highly acclaimed
task. Significantly, she is often called ‘tigress’ by her opponents. It was significant that in this whirlwind of a certain political party, has appeared with a soaring height.
It might have kept the BJP’s mouth open in surprise. Simultaneously Ms. Bannerjee can’t be
labelled only as ‘short tempered person’. Her tireless and meticulous efforts have added a star in her crown. Moreover, she has set a burning example of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.
However, it is a fact that the poll results were not in accordance with Ms. Bannerjee’s assumption in LS election2014. As prior, the NDA and UPA governments suffered her blow intermittently. She laid the respective governments in distress from time to time by her attitude. She threatened the government to withdraw support on any rift.
Ms. Bannerjee often tried to prove herself a jugular vein. After then either the Prime Minister or the senior leaders persuaded her. As a matter of fact, in coalition government Mamata Bannerjee always
with her hands high. But this time the scenario was totally different.
The BJP itself crossed the number of absolute majority. So, Mamata would have sulked for a moment.
# Ujjwal Ghosh [The author is Sr. Journalist, currently working on his short story book. The views expressed are personal].

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