Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif’s decision to attend swearing-in ceremony of PM designate of India Narendra Modi should be welcomed from all the quarters.
However, there were a number of incidents in last few months which escalated the tension between the two countries.
These can not be easily wiped out. While it would be the ceremonial occasion of Modi to join the office, but sooner than later such matters should be raised in the dialogues between New Delhi and Islamabad. The concrete steps must be taken without deferring.
After all such happenings are directly concerned with the integrity of the nation. Though during the election campaigning, Modi heavily denounced the UPA government and criticized for not taking appropriate action. It was learnt that few months back Pakistani soldiers committed a barbaric deed. They beheaded some of the Indian soldiers.
Now, the PM designate’s ignorance regarding this would certainly disgruntle the deployed Border Security Force jawans and their families. In fact, the voters have extended the thumping victory with a belief and expectations. Regarding this, the Modi government would have to take a tough stand to encourage the countrymen’s self-respect and the nation’s integrity as well.
It is said that the PMs of India and Pakistan would stay away from the acrimonious issues. It might be courtesy meeting, but the issue of cross border terrorism must be in the discourse. Simultaneously there would be talks between the two premieres on Tuesday.
Though the arrival of  the Pakistan PM in the swearing-in ceremony of the PM designate Narendra Modi is applauded from all quarters  of the political parties in India and abroad as well. The leaders have expected positivity in  the relation of both the countries.
Hoping the Modi government would keep the country’s and countrymen’s morale high. As promised during the general election, it is not an easy task for Modi to fulfil them. In this respect Narendra Modi would have to tackle the people’s main grievances diligently and with perseverance as well.

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