Content is always the king but it’s the ‘keyword’ that makes it reach to the potential subscriber. Though there is no proved formula to make any content viral, but it’s majorly a game of SEO [Search Engine Optimisation, also, Search Engine Optimiser]. Equipped with a talented team of social media maestros BJP’s PM Candidate Narendra Modi now looks self skilled in art of verbal content development and its most suitable optimisation.
Addressing an election rally in Faizabad, with portraits of Lord Ram and the Ram temple in background of the stage and in the backdrop wooing Hindu voters, Modi smartly used the most sought after keyword ‘Ram’ but skipped to promise any construction of a temple there.


“I will fight against corruption all my life, I promise you from the land of Lord Ram.”
“When Gandhiji was asked about his idea of an ideal nation, he said there should be Ram Rajya. If you want to imagine an ideal State, then there must be Ram Rajya.”
- Narendra Modi, BJP’s PM Candidate.

The Indian Express reports: While he avoided any reference to Ram Temple, several other speakers, including Lalu Singh and Vinay Katiyar, said the BJP would build the temple in Ayodhya.


The Election Commission has sought a report from the local authorities. Also, the EC has issued a notice to the BJP’s Faizabad candidate, Lallu Singh, for displaying the religious portraits during the public meet.
“Influencing voters of a particular caste or community through such means are violation of the Representation of the People Act and Model Code of Conduct.”
- Umesh Sinha, Chief Electoral Officer, UP
Even in the world of internet the search engines penalise offenders for unethical practices. In Modi’s case the Election Commission’s decision is awaited.

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