For the poor performance in the Lok Sabha election 2014, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s resignation has created several twists. Meanwhile JD (U)’s national president Sharad Yadav infuriated the legislatures by saying the resigned leader won’t be repeated.
Blaming Yadav for this juncture a few party MLAs and the workers even banged his car.
Amid rapid political developments, it was learnt that to consolidate the secular forces archrival Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad was approached, while the latter denied. In the meantime, the party-men warned about dharna if their demand is not met about reconsidering the resignation. In the prolonging scene of ruckus there was a sign of dissidence too due to break-up with BJP. Exuding their full confidence the party-men demanded Nitish to continue as chief minister. Due to mounting pressure, adamant CM had to take a day’s time. However, Nitish Kumar was chosen as their leader
On the other hand the Bharatiya Janata Party MLAs met the Governor asking him to parade the MLAs personally to clear the scenario. However, BJP had started conveying that the Bihar’s JD (U)
government would collapse because many legislatures are in touch with the latter. It also deepened the confusion among the political scenario. While JD (U) President Sharad Yadav hints about RJD joining the government. In between the RJD MLAs resigned to join the JD (U).
However, final decision is deferred until Monday, when Nitish would convey about withdrawing his resignation. Though the prevailing juncture has spread a cloud of the uncertainty, whereas the JD(U) has  refuted such conditions and believe that everything is on the track. All things are at their place and the government will continue amicably.
# Ujjwal Ghosh [The author is Sr. Journalist, currently working on his short story book. The views expressed are personal].

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