Interestingly, it had been a new face of an eminent and serious filmmaker Prakash Jha, if won. “Modi nahi, vikas chahiye, Champaran ko Prakash chahiye .”
It had been phenomenal in the JD(U)  activists in West Champaran during the campaigning. A FILMMAKER paced on the path of a potential LAWMAKER.
However, the fans and admirers of Jha should not be disheartened on his defeat. Might be we would have been deprived of one of the sensible filmmakers!
After second defeat Jha declined to contest in the elections.
“I’ll not contest an election ever again. The idea of becoming an MP was to have a position where I would have access to resources. Even without being an MP, I continue to do whatever I can.”
- Prakash Jha, Filmmaker
An eminent socio-political filmmaker Jha, started his political stride as an independent in 2004 which was followed as Lok Janshakti Party candidate in 2009. The recent was as the Janata Dal (United) candidate in 2014. Despite declining from contesting election, he took a chance again this year. Although, Jha’s entry in the political arena would have been  more or less benefitted the society.  He proved himself as a sensible filmmaker by earlier films like ‘Damul’, ‘Hip Hip Hurrah!’. The portrayal of the characters of the film and their psyche were tremendous. Moreover, his calibre in weaving the story to maintain the connectivity of the film is marvellous. The films ‘Gangajal’,’ Mrityudand’, ’ Rajniti’ have proved his prowess. Besides, name and fame he had proved his mettle by swimming upstream.
Despite failure, Jha did not lose his guts and contested the election again. Significantly, he has courage to ‘call spade a spade.’ Despite knowing about the election results mode he registered his protest in a straightforward manner.
“As a filmmaker and a citizen, I think the rise of this man Modi since last June is dangerous.Our DNA don’t. What I have done my whole life is against the BJP”
- Prakash Jha, Filmmaker
Precisely, it is a fact that the filmmakers can ideate and imagine. So, the person longing the welfare of human being should own such temperament honestly. Only then the job can be done with selfless
attitude. As the odd man is in every field, the cinema world is also not an acceptation. But, a certain political party consists of opportunist leaders and being run by the fair politicians. Likewise, there are several filmmakers who are money minded only, but the entity is  propagated by the sensible filmmakers. Like the above. The only condition to lead the public should be to keep oneself away from the tantrums.
# Ujjwal Ghosh [The author is Sr. Journalist, currently working on his short story book. The views expressed are personal].

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