Recently a few voices were raised decrying the Team Rahul for the disastrous poll debacle. The leadership was advised to go through the ‘honest and ruthless introspection’ to make rectification.
Milind Deora and Satyavrat Chaturvedi were among them. Whilst in anonymity the allegations and its countering continued.
On the other hand team Rahul threw the responsibilities of dismal defeat back on themselves. Now the Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi has however accepted the lacking in the party for it. It seems quite reasonable.
While Deora criticized the leadership, general secretary Digvijay Singh and Youth Congress chief Rajiv Satav countered by blaming him unable to protect his own seat. And a tweet war was in full swing.
Though, it can not be just denied that prevailing autocracy has played a prominent role for the dismal debacle and the party president Sonia Gandhi has accepted it.
Interestingly, the alliance is required to form an effective Opposition in the Parliament, whereas it was needed indeed to form a government.
It is learnt that the Congress has the strength of only 44 Members of Parliament. In this grim situation it is quite inevitable for the party to think over its faults and to rectify those, after the poll results, a few quarters of the party started demanding to bring Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to the forefront. The party activists began comparing her with former PM late Indira Gandhi.
But to revive the party only changing face won’t do a lot. It is necessary to take each and every worker in confidence. Steps should be taken to boost up their morale. Until the cause be taken from the grass root level, the revival would remain in lurch.
“The Congress has lost this time but this is not the first time; we have earlier also come back after losses … We all should sit together and fight together.”
- Sonia Gandhi, chairman, Congress Parliamentary Party.
Though Sonia’s statement reflects confidence but at the same time she realized the people’s anguish which led the party to dusk. As the situation prevails the party would have to go a long way to recuperate. In prior, the party had charismatic leaders as Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi etc. There are no such leaders in the party of that level who can revive the party on theirs. On the contrary, the sycophants are damaging the party a lot. The leadership would have to be aware of them.

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