'Achchhe Din Aane Waale Hain,Door Karenge Bhrashtachaar…….' With such slogans and placards the Bhartiya Janata Party not just came to power, indeed with thumping majority. Regarding the present plight of the country and some of the gruesome mishappennings of the nation might have hammered the government’s mind.
UPDATE: Decrying the horrifying act, the women’s wing of BJP protested against the the Badaun episode in Lucknow for its indifferent attitude. The police shot water canons to disperse them, whereas the Centre warned the state government terming the it insensitive. Even the United Nations has condemned it saying the brutal act demanded quick action against the perpretators.
The rape and murder incidents in Uttar Pradesh within 48 hours. Generally when there is any occurrence (perhaps the condition might be the nature of the crime should  be heinous) only  then the machinery becomes active. Either it be December, 2012 case or the UP case.
In addition, the victim and the family is terrorized and threatened from the accused. Moreover, the administration embarrasses them with weird question in interrogation.
It might be a coincident or foresight that Ms Maneka Gandhi has been bestowed the charge of Women and Children Power Ministry. Being a woman herself, she is expected to be sensitive towards such issues.
According to the promises of BJP during campaigning, the government has miles to go for good governance. However, the decision for constituting a “rape crisis cell” is appreciable. Simultaneously, it should be effective. Only then the result might be expected, otherwise
it will prove futile as usual. Though the present government’s basket is full of ACTIONS. Either it be the administration or corruption and the people’s average comfort above all.It is the people who ultimately a sufferer.
In this context, the minister should take it simply that just the suspension and termination formula won’t work anymore. Such matters should be dealt with determination and should be result oriented.
Though Ms Gandhi has announced for CBI enquiry if the family wants.
“Police laxity is equally responsible for the incident due to which two girls lost their lives. Police is still not acting in the right direction. All policemen involved in the incident should be terminated. If the girls’ family members want a CBI probe, I will recommend it.”
- Maneka Gandhi, Union Woman and Child Welfare Minister
However, it is amply expected from the government to either invoke or make necessary amendments to enforce the concerned law effectively. The ball is in the government’s court now which will decide the fate of the people until five years.
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