Soon after taking oath of the Modi government, it sparked controversy with saying about organizing an open debate on Article 370. The statement said that the efforts would be made by convincing the unconvinced.
Moreover, it was said that the demerits of the Article 370, which gives the special status to Jammu & Kashmir should be known to the public. Whereas, reacting on it J&K CM Omar Abdullah said bluntly that if the article is abrogated J&K won’t be part of India.
The first time Member of Parliament from Udhampur, Singh says that the article has deprived the people of the State of several facilities enjoyed by the people of the other states of the country.
"If we do not have debate and discussion how would you be able to tell those who have been unable to understand what they have been deprived of on account of Article 370."
- Jitendra Singh, Minister Of State in the PMO
Meanwhile, senior BJP leader and union Transport and Shipping Minister, Nitin Gadkari has also joined the row saying that the development of J&K got blocked due to the Constitutional provision that bestows special status on the state.
"The development of Jammu & Kashmir could not take off due to Article 370. There is a tremendous scope for development of the State (Jammu & Kashmir) and a number of possibilities for tourism (exists). Hence, the new government is keen to develop the State in a better way."
- Nitin Gadkari, Union Transport and Shipping Minister
In response to the minister’s statement, J & K CM Omar Abdullah objected saying Article 370 connects the state constitutionally with India. Moreover, Abdullah said confusion was being deliberately created on the issue which would alienate the people of the state at large.
“They cannot abrogate Article 370 till the Constituent Assembly is recalled. The Constituent Assembly approved accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India. If you want to raise the question once again, then you need to bring the Constituent Assembly and then we will talk.”
“You want to strengthen the State—Centre relationship but this is not the way. This will further widen the gap between the people of the State and the rest of the country which you will understand very soon. I can understand the political compulsion of the BJP, but first focus on other promises. The first attack is on Jammu and Kashmir.”
- Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister, Jammu & Kashmir
The J & K CM further says that the State subject laws are hindrance but they protect the people of J & K. On the contrary, for the lack of development of the state he referred to the present situation of the state. He said that military deployment in 1989 worsened the condition and dragged the state in the present miserable plight.
However, it seems quite unfortunate that the war of words has begun. Instead of spreading cordiality, endurance, and perseverance, the barbing has started once again. The need of the moment is to take any step with consensus and in the atmosphere of harmony.
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