Election season is over. So, they are back to business again. And, it is time to take on. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress President Sonia Gandhi were in the field today. Both targetted each other in their own style. Interestingly, they kept their eyes and ears open on each other's words. Both questioned each other. Both of them responded to each other. Mostly, in a veiled attack mode.

PM Narendra Modi & Congress President Sonia Gandhi

Has inflation come down?
Is the poor man getting food at cheaper rate?
Have the unemployed got jobs?
- Sonia Gandhi, President, Congress
"Those who ruled for 60 years are demanding the account of what my government did in 60 days. Petrol and diesel prices are down. I promise you I will pull the country out of the current mess in 60 months."
- Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Centre STAGE

"They are creating such an atmosphere as if nothing has happened in the country since Independence and they will change everyone's fortunes overnight. Have any steps been taken to fulfil the promises made during the Lok Sabha elections.
- Sonia Gandhi, President, Congress
"I am taking steps to bring down the prices of essential commodities and also curb corruption."
- Narendra Modi, Prime Minister
"Was India's presence ever felt in the US like this?"
- Narendra Modi, Prime Minister
"A country is not built in a day's time. For the development of a nation it takes years of hard work, the right intention and the willingness to sacrifice. But today BJP is trying to show off as if all things are happening only after they came to power, that everything is happening for the first time."
- Sonia Gandhi, President, Congress

Congress advertisement in news papers

"Amitabh hosts Kaun Banega Crorepati. The Maharashtra government used to play Kaun Banega Arabpati everyday"
- Narendra Modi, Prime Minister
"Empty vessels make the most noise. Being loud doesn't mean you are speaking truth."
- Sonia Gandhi, President, Congress
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